Guild Ranks

We use the standard GM, Officer, Raider, and Trial ranking system, typical to most raiding guilds.

  • Guild Master / Undertakes the general day-to-day tasks of running the guild. Execute the policies and goals of the guild.
  • Manager / Assists the guild master in attaining the shared goals for the guild.
  • Officers / Works with the raid leader in the development of strategies. Also oversees the performance and rosters for their respective class roles within the guild (RDPS/MDPS/Healers).
  • Raider / A core member of our raiding team and roster. These players have demonstrated reliability, dedication, and consistent performance of their class.
  • Trial / A provisional trial period given to prospective raiders for compatibility, role performance and reliability.

The Trial Process

As with most raiding guilds, new members wishing to raid with us will undergo a provisional period of trialing. This process usually takes about 3-6 weeks to complete. The overall trial period could be longer or shorter under certain circumstances, such as lockout extensions or progression fights. Being promoted to a raider will be at the Officers and Role Officers discretion. During this period you will be expected to be a part of our raiding culture, as well as meet raider expectations. We only recruit for our core raiding team, not passing a trial means you will be considered as social member of our guild.

Raider Expectations

As a guild, we share the common goal to progress through mythic on our limited 2-day roster. All raiders are expected to meet the minimum requirements below:

  • Preparedness / Be sure to bring food/flasks/pre-pots/runes and other consumables.
  • Mechanics / Be well aquainted with the mechanics of the raid and boss fights, as well our specific guild strategies for a fight.
  • Character Maintainance / Keep your azerite neck at a competitive level, and at least try to complete a +10 mythic keystone weekly to maximize gear drops. Being knowledgable about your stat weights and latest sims is also preferable.
  • Attendance / Our philosphy has always been IRL > Games, so we understand that there will be times where you won’t be able to attend. However, consistantly low attendance is unfavourable.

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